The good works done by President Obama will help in to get elected again

The good works done by President Obama will help in to get elected again

18 October 2012
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The good works done by President Obama will help in to get elected again
President Obama ended the previous policies of not regulating and labeling carbon dioxide emissions. He ended the previous policy of offering tax benefits to corporations who outsource American jobs; the new policy is to promote in-sourcing to bring jobs back. He ended previous policy on torture; the US now has a no torture policy and is in compliance with the Geneva Convention standards.
          President Obama launched a website called to track spending from the Recovery Act; this is an unprecedented step to provide transparency and accountability through technology. He enabled a law that energy producing plants must begin preparing to produce 15% of their energy from renewable sources. He established a National Performance Officer charged with saving the federal government money and making the federal operations more efficient. He established a new cyber security office. He expanded the SCHIP program to cover health care for 4 million or more children. He expanded the vaccination programs. He provided the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) with more than $1.4 billion to improve services to America's Veterans.
          President Obama responded with compassion and leadership to the earthquake that happened in Haiti. He also responded immediately and efficiently to the floods in North Dakota and other natural disasters. He improved housing for military personnel. He improved conditions at Walter Reed Military Hospital and other military hospitals. He launched business government enabling conversation and online collaboration between small business owners, government representatives and industry experts in discussion forums relevant to starting and managing a business which proved to be great for the economy. He has started a new hospital record system.
          He encouraged people to do the right things and not the wrong. He told people to believe in their dreams and to go through with them and have a great life. He has improved relations with Russia. He made the Rights of Women around the World a Core Component of the US foreign policy. He made progress towards Greater Co-operation on Limiting Nuclear Proliferation. He extended unemployment compensation. He has done wonderful work starting to repair the sullied image of the United States around the world. He called for resumption of Arab-Israeli peace negotiations. He nominated two of the only four women ever to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court. He rescued the US automobile industry.  
        He assisted in the overthrow of Moammar Gadhafi, with no loss of American life. He lowered the cost of drugs for seniors. He made more loans available to small businesses. He re-engaged in agreements to protect the Antarctic. He provided tax credit to workers thus cutting taxes for 95% of America's working families. He re-engaged in the talks on global warming and greenhouse gas emissions. He increased student loans. He negotiated a deal with Swiss bank to permit US government to gain access to records of tax evaders and criminals. He promoted a new Afghan War policy that limits aerial bombing and prioritizes aid, development of infrastructure, diplomacy and good government practices by Afghans.


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