Make or break time for US economy

Obama Re-Election and US economy

10 November 2012
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If economy is strong and effective work has been going on in the country to improve that, then only a country can lead to the path of glory. There are numerous factors which play a major part in determining that how sound the economy is of a country. These factors mainly are GDP, Employment Rate, Price of a domestic currency in the global market, Housing, and several others. We all are aware of the fact that past few years whole world has got hit by recession and its impact was witnessed everywhere whether stock exchange, reduction in salaries, more unemployment rate etc… This is why even a developed country cannot claim that it is blooming until it has resolved these major issues.

In 2008, when Barack Obama became the President of the United States of America, he knew that he has a tough task on his hand as at that time economy was in worst possible shape. In his presence surely US has made significant movement towards improvement and this is the reason why he has been re-elected in 2012. The democratic candidate surpassed his republican rival by big margin, because he managed to deliver what was expected from him during his four years. He successfully dealt with international affairs, employment issues, housing and especially health care to great extent. He believes that all these areas need further improvement if US needs to be again recognized as a strong economy country. One cannot disagree with the fact that there has always been a hype about US, but surely this excites the whole world that what is happening with country whether it is related to Hollywood, War, Economy and specially we all know how much people around the globe were aware about US presidential elections.


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