Foreign relations strengthened by Obama with other countries

Foreign relations strengthened by Obama with other countries

1 October 2012
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Foreign relations strengthened by Obama with other countries.

U.S: In his inaugural address after becoming President Obama assured strong determination to fight and eradicadicate the evil of terrorism from its roots and safeguard the values of Democracy and country here he also mentioned about the spirit Americans hold to fight against terrorism which is not destroyable He also mentioned to lessen down the nuclear threat for which America will give its complete support and complete cooperation to his neighboring countries making efforts for this. He advocated that govt looks forward to establish world peace by strengthening the friendship ties with the entire Asian and European nation. He also assumed to lend a hand to fight against evil of corruption.

And the very first biggest achievement which can be mentioned here under Obama‘s Foreign Policy is death of Al-Qaida Leader Osama Bin Laden who was the mastermind behind 9/11 Terrorist attacks shortly after confirmation of Laden‘s death Obama addressed to the nation where he whole heartedly congratulated the military who carried out this successful Operation Neptune Sphere atAbbottabad, Pakistan in March 2011. This successful operation proved a turning point for his foreign policies and he received strong support from people and applauds from various parts of the world to carry out such successful operation. It was basically like A Feather in the Cap for foreign policy devised by the Obama govt.

Obama carried out severalforeign trips meeting the leaders of the ruling govt in respective countries to strengthen and expand mutual relations and understanding between each other. To help each other in some or the other way during crisis and provide concessions by incorporating various policies and signing agreements. By doing so he re-established status and position in the world. And brought a complete change in views held by different countries in the world regarding U.S.  Again at the G-20 Summit Obama took up an efficient charge representing his nation and cracked down the deal of about$1.1 trillion to overcome global financial crisis. Successfully launched the (AVTA) Add Value to Agriculture initiative. Assured rapid Funding for emerging democracies. WesternHemisphere gave back the rights to Americans to visit and assist their families in Cuba. Under the steps taken for improvising relations with the Middle East he achieved success by formulating the policies like aid of $400 million was assured to Gaza civilians, Secondly inserted pressure over Israel to end blockade over Gaza. Thirdly passed the Iran Sanction Act.

In case of Asia many successful foreign policies were initiated by Obama were firstly signed the Nuclear arms agreements with India on 5th April 2010, secondly under Burmese Freedom and Democracy Act of 2003 renewed import restrictions. Thirdly : Lord’s Resistance Army Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act of 2009 were signed with Africa. Signed Nuclear arms agreements with  Australia on 5th May 2010. Forwarded a helping hand to stabilize situation in Somalia by establishing peace and order.

In Europe Obama signed the Nuclear arms agreement with Russia, finally agreed with Switzerland to strengthen and support  tax information exchange.

Thus Obama's Foreign policies brought out outstanding results with sole aim to maintain world peace and fight back terrorism and corruption.


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